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Modernize your agency’s IT services to realize cost savings, increase security and simplify IT management.

CenturyLink wins spot on $50 billion GSA Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) program.

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Collaborating with the Federal Government at Every Level

Achieve mission success with secure, reliable and available CenturyLink IT solutions for governments.

  • Rapidly and cost-effectively deploy cloud applications that modernize digital service delivery to federal (employees) end users and citizens
  • Strengthen your network reach and performance to deliver real-time applications reliably and securely
  • Control facility energy, operating-costs and security with IoT networked devices that keep workers and facilities safe
  • Access IT experts who understand and serve Federal Government and help you maximize resources
  • Enhance application and network security to lower risk, improve compliance and protect vital assets 
Unified Communications for Compliance-Driven Organizations

Move your unified communications to the cloud and stay fully compliant with your organization’s mandated security and privacy requirements.

CenturyLink voice, network, cloud and security solutions help federal agencies advance the delivery of IT services. We make purchasing them easier and more cost-effective through government contract vehicles – like GSA IT Schedule 70.

Explore CenturyLink Products & Services
Data Network Use high-speed, on-demand networking to empower citizens and employees.
VoIP Unify your communications with superior technology and equipment at a predictable cost.
Security Detect, protect against and respond to cyberattacks with security capabilities approved by DHS.
Cloud & Hosting Meet the latest citizen demands for digital experiences with secure, reliable, scalable clouds.
Managed Services Simplify IT complexity with affordable, flexible services to accelerate your agency’s mission.
Big Data and Analytics Use advanced analytics to act on big data insights and navigate a multiscreen world.
Easily Procure via Purchasing Vehicles

Access federal IT solutions through various contract vehicles

Networx Networx Universal and Enterprise contracts are the primary means many federal agencies use to purchase communications services. 
EIS Enterprise infrastructure  solutions to help federal agencies achieve digital transformation through innovative technologies
Regional Regional Contacts support selected regional areas and provide a flexible contract vehicle with quality local service offerings.
Connections II The Connections II contract complements and enhances GSA Networx and Regional telecommunications contracts.
IT Schedule 70 The GSA IT Schedule 70 offers an easy and convenient way to procure IT products and services.
Doing Business with CenturyLink: Procurement and Subcontract Support

See how we provide procurement and subcontract support for all of our federal government clients in accordance with applicable laws, standards and requirements.

Contact the Team That Knows Federal IT

Responsive account management for your federal agency.

CenturyLink’s government team knows federal IT inside and out. We collaborate with federal CIOs, directors and IT professionals to modernize their IT and administrative landscapes. Deliver quick, reliable and secure access to networks, infrastructure and applications with a team that’s committed to your needs — and knows how to meet them. 

Reach a Specialist for Your Federal Agency or Department

Quickly find and contact the dedicated account manager for your specific federal department or agency.

Meet Our Executive Team

Our executive team has decades or experience, aligns with your needs and speaks your language.


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